5 Traits That Help Students Build Character, Find Success, and Standout in School.

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The Big 5 Step #3: Join a school or community based club

In step 3 of the Big 5™ you join a school or community based club. Clubs are an excellent way to express your personal interests and do something you really love. By your freshman year in high school, if you have not already identified an interest, use this year to try multiple clubs until you…

The Big 5 Step #2: Play a sport or join a club

In step 2 of the Big 5™ you devote time to a sport or club. Often, students attempt multiple sports. If you are accomplished and want to try more than one sport during a school year, then by all means go for it. The challenge with playing multiple sports begins with the fact that different…

The Big 5 Step #1: Community Service

What if your student could maximize their middle and high school experience by doing 5 simple things in order to stand out in school? There are 5 major concepts I teach students, particularly in middle and high school. It’s the concept of the Big 5™. The first step in the Big 5™ is giving back….

The Big 5 Introduction

Hello and welcome to Reach Consulting. On this inaugural blog post, I’d like to take the time to introduce myself, the company, and the Big 5™. Reach Consulting was born out of the years of working with students in grades 6-12 educational settings and assisting them with college and scholarship applications. As an educator with…