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Family Time During Corona

Family Time During Corona

I have 5 kids. 2 are in college. 1 is in a public residential boarding high school. 2 are in elementary school. This quarantine is definitely bringing all of us closer together. It can also produce challenges as we all need our space. What are you doing during this time to bond with your family?…

To Test or Not To Test, That is the Question

Many students suffer from test anxiety. They simply do not like long, drawn out tests because frankly they are boring. The college entrance exams require SO MUCH focus and concentration that many times, students are fatigued by this immense effort exhorted at one time, on a Saturday morning, often on an empty stomach. To make…

The FAFSA and Federal Student Aid

Beginning in 2016, the new start date for the FAFSA was October 1st. The new deadline allows you to use your current year of tax returns rather than waiting on them to be complete since most people would have completed their taxes by the April 15th deadline 5 months prior. Students begin the process by…