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How to ensure you have not missed anything related to college prep

How to ensure you have not missed anything related to college prep

How to Ensure You Have Not Missed Anything Related to College Prep Preparing for college does not begin in the senior year of high school. It begins much earlier. Pre-school and even before then presents immense opportunities to formulate a solid foundation for students in which to begin learning academic things.

As much as extra-curricular things matter, so do academics. If a student has a solid academic record, they will gain acceptance to college. If the student has a healthy load of extra-curricular and meager academics, they too will gain acceptance to a college, just maybe not the one they want. Academics are supremely important, therefore, before students get too heavily involved in other things that distract them from their academics, I always recommend he or she has a solid foundation of study habits and time management. Each of these helps to lay the groundwork for all the higher level of academic rigor and engagement the student will encounter in college.

Here are some key items to ensure your student does to not miss the boat of college preparedness.

1. Set a regular study location in your home beginning as soon as the student begins school. Students should choose a location that is relatively quiet, well lit, and easily accessible. It should be equipped with all of the things necessary to complete simple assignments and projects. Including a basket of small scale supplies such as pens, pencils, paper clips, erasers, colored pencils, markers, and glue sticks are a great idea to prevent the student from leaving the space often. Establishing these habits and routines early will pay off in the end.

2. Start researching the colleges the students desires to attend. Become familiar with the admission criteria for each school in which the student expresses interest. This will help the student not get blindsided with requirements that are a surprise. Visit the campuses if at all possible. Assess how the student feels when they arrive on campus and begin interacting with students and faculty from the school.

3. Become familiar with scholarship databases and funding resources early in high school. It is extremely important for students to identify which scholarships or funding resources he or she will subsequently apply for during their senior years. Knowing how to navigate the various databases early in high school will help tremendously to save time during the application season. College preparedness is a feat that can be accomplished with adequate preparation,time management, and careful attention to detail. Reach Consulting is also there to help for some of the more daunting and difficult tasks.

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