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Common mistakes SENIORS make

Common mistakes SENIORS make

You made it! You’re a Senior. Now what. If you feel like you are at the end of your journey, think again. You are just getting started. Your senior year should be the most fun and enjoyable one of your entire high school career. If you are not having fun, perhaps something is wrong. If you are having too much fun, slow down.

Sometimes seniors get what we call senior-itis. This is the condition in which you may not feel like doing your homework, coming to school regularly, or engaging in activities that are meaningful to your high school career. I urge you to guard against senior-itis. Do your best to complete your homework on time, come to school everyday, and keep doing the activities that are important to you. Do not become lazy. Further, here are some other common mistakes seniors make during their last year.

  • Not meeting deadlines: It is critical that you meet each and every homework, scholarship, and college application deadline with minimal exceptions. Unless you fall off your hover board and break your leg thereby missing a homework turn in date because you had to go to the hospital then not much should keep you from turning in assignments on time. If you get into the habit of completing scholarship and college applications at least 2-3 weeks in advance, you will avoid last minute emergencies that prevent you from keeping your deadlines. Scholarship and college applications are mostly online now and your turn in dates are time stamped, therefore, if you are late it will be obvious. Additionally, some online application systems applications shut down and are unable to accept applications after the deadline. Do not let this happen to you.
  • Not setting aside time weekly to complete scholarship and college applications: Get into a regular habit of writing or completing portions of your applications weekly. For instance, consider making Saturday morning from about 9 am-12 noon the time you will devote to logging into the various application portals and completing the necessary components. You could use the first hour to just log into the college application portal for the main college or set of colleges in which you plan to apply. Complete any tasks that are outstanding. Then use the next hour to continue crafting well-written essays that are usually required for most scholarship and college applications. For the last hour, continue searching the internet or other places for scholarships you have yet to discover. Once you find one you want to apply for, begin the application, taking note of the deadlines. The point is that you need to set aside time to write and work on applications each week.
  • Coasting through classes rather than trying their best: This is by-far one of the most common mistakes seniors make. Usually colleges accept students based on their grades and accomplishments up until their junior year. Seniors typically then think it’s acceptable to slack off the homework and quality of classwork during this very critical time however, colleges do request the end of year transcript once you graduate high school and have the right to rescind your acceptance. They also request discipline reports as well. So, your senior year is just as important as all the other years. Maintain stellar academic status and stay out of trouble. By being careful and maintaining a rigorous and steady pace, you will be able to avoid these pitfalls and finish strong.

Coach Aimy

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