5 Traits That Help Students Build Character, Find Success, and Standout in School.

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The Big 5 Step #4: Academics Rule

So, the first 3 steps of the Big 5involve you the student taking action by either volunteering, joining a club, or playing a sport. This next, by far, most important step in the Big 5™, is to be an excellent student. This includes studying hard, maintaining a high GPA, and doing well on the ACT & SAT.

All of the previous Big 5components are what I consider to be the easier things. This by far is one of the toughest. Being a good student does not simply mean coming to school daily and turning in all your homework. That’s a given. It is so much deeper than that.

You have to be a studious student who devotes time to studying. Studying is the thing you do when you have extra time between classes, go home at night after a long day at school or work if you have a job, and on the weekends when you think sleeping all day on a Saturday is a good idea. Studying when your friends may be out having a great time is what you have to consider doing rather than the other. Going out sometimes is good but not all the time. The main thing to remember is balance.

For starters, you want to make sure you keep a daily calendar. At the beginning of the semester, take whatever your teacher gives you including a syllabus or a schedule of tests, quizzes, and homework assignments and write them down on the calendar. Once you record all the items listed on the syllabus by your teacher, then create time each week where you will devote 1-2 hours to review notes, re-copy notes from class, prepare for upcoming assignments, and review old quizzes and tests for mistakes you made.

Academics are first in the world of college admission and scholarship attainment.

The last component of this step in the Big 5 is the ACT and the SAT. These two tests can seem daunting but I’m here to tell you they are nothing to be afraid of. Every student who wants to go to college should take both the SAT and the ACT once during their sophomore year. I know this seems early, but you will thank me once I tell you why. Every time you take the test, you receive an online score report with a diagnostic of your achievement. There are links within the document that help you see where you went wrong and where you could have done better. Using this diagnostic report, you can focus your energy on practicing the skills where you show deficits. In one of my exclusive packages, I process this information directly with you and provide tools and resources for you to actually refine your skills in these deficit areas.

I know and colleges do as well, that if you are strong academically and that manifests in the score report on the ACT and SAT, you will make a better candidate for college admission. Further, you will be a student they seek for admission and want to give money to because your likelihood of completing college successfully is better with higher scores on those tests.

Remember, this is the most important Big 5step. What can you do to be better prepared academically for this upcoming school year? Start today.

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Coach Aimy

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