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Study Strategies/Time Management Part #1

The number one thing students struggle with is time management. This is often an issue for freshmen transitioning to high school and seniors due to the demands of their last year of K-12 schooling. There are some practical ways to manage one’s time that students can have lasting impact on students’ educational outcomes.

1. Establish a regular daily study time and routine.

If that’s when you first arrive home or after you’ve had a brief nap, get into the habit of coming home from school and studying daily. If you study daily, you will not have to cram when it’s time for a quiz or a test. It will also ensure you learn the material slowly and intentionally. Breaking up the larger sections of notes is helpful to digest content over time.
2. Prioritize your assignments by due dates.

It’s very important to use and maintain a monthly calendar. The purpose of a calendar is to remind you of important due dates, plan ahead, and stay on task. Every semester, once you obtain a syllabus and a schedule for your classes, take the time to record all the due dates of various assignments in your calendar. Write down EVERYTHING from weekly homework assignments, quizzes, tests, upcoming projects, midterms, and finals.
3. Complete assignments early.

Completing your work sooner than the published deadline allows you to have plenty of time for revision and rewriting if necessary. Additionally, when work is done early, you will feel less stressed and more in control of your time. With fewer cram sessions to get work done at the last minute, the likelihood of turning in higher quality assignments increases exponentially. The goal is to have time to complete your work prior to the due date and experience less stress doing so. In the end, your grades will be higher and you will learn more.

Implement these strategies to help manage your time better. You will be thankful in the end.

Coach Aimy

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