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To Test or Not To Test, That is the Question

Many students suffer from test anxiety. They simply do not like long, drawn out tests because frankly they are boring. The college entrance exams require SO MUCH focus and concentration that many times, students are fatigued by this immense effort exhorted at one time, on a Saturday morning, often on an empty stomach. To make this process a little less daunting, here are some helpful tips and strategies to conquer standardized tests required for college entrance.

  1. Register for the test BEFORE incurring late fees. For the ACT, go to and register. To take the SAT, go to and register.
  2. Sleep well before the big day. Go to bed by 8pm or 9pm as you have to typically rise, eat breakfast, shower, and be your testing site the next day by 8am. For all that to happen on time and with little fuss, you should go to bed early. There is nothing worse than being tired and hungry while taking a standardized test.
  3. Bring the right materials to the test. Typically, you will need number 2 pencils and a scientific calculator. You may also be able to have water and a snack in some locations in a separate area. Ask questions before hand and be prepared.
  4. Practice, practice, practice. Studies show that the best way to master the ACT and the SAT is to take as many practice exams. A recent research study I came across said the single most occurring test prep strategy that raised student scores the most was taking practice tests over and over again. The more you take, the higher your score will be.
  5. Sign up for a test prep program. When signing up for a test prep program, look for one that offers face to face assistance in conjunction with an online interface for the test prep that will allow you to see where your trouble spots or deficit areas are. Finding out where you are struggling in either Reading (Verbal), English, Math, Science, or Writing is the major objective of any good test prep program. You need to have a program that identifies your weak areas, makes suggestions on how to improve them, provides interventions that help you overcome the weak area, and then allow you to practice it over and over again until you gain mastery. This is by far the most important factor in signing up for a test prep program.

In order to be competitive for scholarships and college admission, it’s imperative that you prepare for the standardized tests ahead of time. Reach Consulting offers a comprehensive test prep program through an online delivery platform. To learn more or to register for our ACT/SAT test prep program, click here and see how we can help you with test prep. Students who work with Reach Consulting show gains in their ACT and SAT scores over repeatedly taking the test. Do you want to grow your score? Sign up today for Reach Consulting’s ACT/SAT Prep. Click here!

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