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Have you secretly been looking at your child wondering how in the world you were going to pay for their college education?

Have you asked yourself if they have even done well enough to get into college?

Have you been saving for their college tuition and additional expenses beyond high school?

What if you could plan from early on in their middle and high school career to be ready for scholarship opportunities and college admission by doing 5 simple things with your child?

Does completing college applications scare you and overwhelm your child?

What if you had a coach to walk you through each step in the process?

I understand exactly how you feel.

Many of the parents and students I work with feel the exact same way. They often feel that guidance counselors do the best they can but often are unable to devote the individualized time to each student to customize his or her plan for their college or career aspirations. I have worked with parents who felt they could not see any way to prepare their student in time to be ready for the college and scholarship application process until we began working together.

I too had a similar story.

I had no guidance of how to apply to colleges and how to complete scholarship applications. In the 8th grade, my parents informed me that they would not have enough money saved in time to send me to college and that I needed to come up with a way. This propelled me in a way that forced me into action. I flopped and fumbled and eventually found myself in the guidance office of my counselors in the 10th grade. I began working at the reception desk of the guidance office on my lunch time and during my free periods. This allowed me to scout out all the applications that were available for which students could apply.

I began taking some of the applications and practicing filling them out over and over again as if I was applying for the scholarships. I started asking my guidance counselor about colleges and if I could visit colleges with others in order to see what they had to offer. I remember visiting my number one college choice and I knew I was hooked. However, I had no idea how I would get there. My senior year finally arrived and because I had already been practicing applications for scholarships and colleges over and over again, I was able to quickly complete them while still being active in my school. I was the president of the student body, HOSA, DECA, and Crimestoppers. I was a Varsity basketball and volleyball player and held two part time jobs.

In the end, it was worth it.

I earned over $775,000 of scholarship offers to schools across the nation as well as to various programs.

With this amount of money, my options were wide open.

This too can be you!

Now, I coach students and parents and help them devise a personal plan for how they can get on track to obtaining scholarships and gaining admission to the college of their choice.

Imagine having a personal coach that will:

Help relieve your stress of working with your student to apply for scholarships and college admission

Provide you a detailed plan of action for all applications for scholarships including assistance with essays, application presentation, and overall deadline tracking to each college the student desires

Assistance with the FAFSA (The gateway to several scholarships and aid)

Analyze ACT and SAT results after students complete each test and provide interventions for students on deficit areas prior to the next test administration

Assistance with coordinating an internship relating to proposed major

Coach your student on what exact things they should be doing in high school to maximize their time during these four years

Give you confidence that your student is packaged properly to look their best in front of scholarship and college admission committees

Assistance with registration on various websites to make the student aware of thousands of other scholarship opportunities that do not come through the local schools

That is why I have created my personalized discovery session to help parents save time and energy in applying for scholarships and college admission for their student.

A complimentary discovery call with me will help you to figure out where you are currently, what your family goals are, and how to accomplish them by the time your student graduates from high school.

If you currently do not have an action plan of how you will ensure your child earns admission to college, graduates as close to debt free as possible, and start working in the career of their choice then a complimentary discovery session is just what you need.

You will see how working with me can change your answer those questions in a few short moments.Your first step is to request an application to sign up for a complimentary discovery session.

In our private and confidential session, we will discover what your family’s current situation is as well as what preparatory items you have done to date. In this session, you can ask questions and get to know me better.

It will also allow me to see if you qualify for one of my programs as a potential client. The discovery sessions are on a limited time basis and reserved only for families who are seriously considering working with me. Families will be selected for the session based on their responses to the questions in the application.

Thank you for your interest and let’s make going to college and applying for scholarships easier, more systematic, and less daunting of a task.


As a passionate educator, Aimy brings more than 15 years of experience in K-12 school administration, teaching, and coaching students one on one and in small groups. Students who work with her gain admission to college, have obtained scholarships, and have used her trademarked Big 5 (TM) system to prepare for college and secure successful futures.