This system was created to give students who need a more critical level of coaching in a small group format (no more than 5) that will not only get them on track with the Big 5, hold them accountable on a monthly basis in a small group coaching sessions, but will also provide the student with eight (8) of Aimy’s most popular student success coaching podcasts to guide them toward making the most of their high school career in order to maximize scholarship awards and gain college admission to some of the most prestigious institutions in America.

The Gold SOS is designed for students who are self-motivated, fire-starters who want more than a gentle push toward their success. Students who choose this package want to be prepared as much as possible to gain admission to any college as well as earn scholarships to pay for their college experiences. This package is best for serious students who are dedicated to maximizing their high school outcomes.

It solves the problem of what can I do intensely during my junior and senior years to be the best student candidate for college and scholarship attainment. This solves the problem of being too busy doing the wrong things as a student stays in high school.

This package helps students stay laser focused on a path toward maximizing time, staying on track academically, using resources wisely, and maintaining high grades while preparing for their SAT or ACT tests.

You will learn the foundational concepts for the Big 5 and what it takes to be considered a competitive candidate for college admission. In addition, you will receive:

  • Gain access to Aimy’s simple 5-step podcast.
  • Her e-book on the Big 5 in its expanded form.
  • and her e-workbook to help you plan out your high school career and involvement in activities that can maximize your experiences.
  • Additionally, you will receive 8 podcasts of Aimy’s most popular student success sessions explaining the Big 5 as well as...
  • 10 monthly group coaching sessions featuring a 15-minute question and answer session with Aimy.
  • 5 College admission applications applied for applied for with the guidance, feedback and recommendations of Coach Aimy.
  • 25 College scholarships applied for
  • Review of 1 ACT and SAT test results students have taken and provide an intervention packet of information to maximize increases in scores on the future SAT/ACT tests.

Who is it for: Juniors, or Seniors

Who is not for: Middle School Students, Freshmen, and Sophomores.

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