5 Traits That Help Students Build Character, Find Success, and Standout in School.

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Principal Aimy Steele visits the Time Warner Cable News studio to talk with Anchor Claudine Chalfant about preventing the summer slide.  Now that traditional calendar schools are out for the summer, the push is on for parents to keep their children involved in educational activities.

Time Warner Cable News anchor Claudine Chalfant talks with Aimy Steele, a principal at an elementary school, to offer parents tips about how to keep their children engaged during the summer months through summer camps.
Aimy captures her life and the experiences she had while growing up in Japan. This amazing story tells of her journey from childhood through adulthood and the many opportunities that resulted from the early exposure and enrichment experiences.
Principal Aimy Steele discusses the Big 5 and the top 5 things every high schooler should do in order to maximize success, obtain scholarships, and gain admission to the top colleges in the nation. Watch for ways you can help your students to be the best they can be in high school. College scholarships are on the horizon for those that adhere to the Big 5 and do what’s necessary to be the best student they can be.
Principal Aimy Steele discusses the transition to Middle School. This can be a tough time for both students and parents. Learn how to make this transition an easier one for all involved.